Whitecaps elite customer program

Become a Whitecaps Products Elite customer and receive up to 10 EUR as a credit on your order

The Whitecaps "Elite Customer Program" (EKP) is part of our "Whitecaps Effective" environmental project. With this we want to make our contribution to protect and preserve the environment.

We reward you with up to 10 EUR refund on your purchase if you refrain from returning the goods ordered by Die!

How does it work? It's very simple!
  1. Avoid unnecessary returns of articles by selection orders and order only what you actually need.
  2. Take a close look at our size charts of the products and try to choose the ideal size for you. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of returns.
  3. Ask our customer service and let them advise you on the right size and product selection. You can use our chat function, call us or simply send us an email.

Support us in minimizing returns. This helps us to protect the environment and thus unnecessarily waste valuable resources. It also helps us to make the prices for our customers fairer and you save not only time but also money. Thus everyone has something from it.

How do you get the benefit of the refund of your order?

Our return period is 30 days. After 30 days our system will check if we have received a return from you. If you have not returned anything, you qualify for the EKP and we will activate your order for a refund. You must request a refund by emailing our customer service team at: info@whitecapsproducts.com. The refund will be made to your chosen payment method.

*All orders are eligible for a refund according to the following scale

Order value = credit

0 EUR-19 EUR = 0,50 EUR credit note
20 EUR - 49 EUR = 1 EUR credit note
50 EUR - 99 EUR = 2 EUR credit note
100 EUR - 149 EUR = 3 EUR credit note
150 EUR - 199 EUR = 5 EUR credit note
200 EUR - and more = 10 EUR credit note

You can have the credits paid out directly, or accumulate them and then have them paid out in one sum. Accumulated credit claims must be requested within 12 months.

Thank you for helping to make our actions more sustainable.

Your team from Whitecaps Products